Improv3 is SaaS (software as a service) application helping companies anonymously survey their employees and get real-time feedback to make better decisions.

The application prevents the user to check who filled in the questionnaire and ensures the highest level of employee anonymity. Every employee in the organizational structure receives a link to the survey via e-mail, and are encouraged to fill in the questionnaire. The app users (managers) cannot in any way check the link recipient, and are thus unable to follow participants' answers.

Additional measures for anonymity protection are applied when creating organizational structure (example 1) and presenting the results (example 2).

Example 1. Department managers (app users with access to reports) enter employees’ data in their organizational structure: their first name, last name and email address.

The system automatically prevents users from entering departments with less than 3 employees. We recommend entering at least 10 employees to ensure additional anonymity protection.

Example 2. Inside the report, the employees' personal data (first name, last name, email) are not disclosed. Although the report is being created in real-time, there is a delay that prevents users from checking who filled in the questionnaire and it is impossible to connect employees' answers with their personal data.

In the report, the employee responses that are scaled from 1 to 10 look like this:

The smallest unit is a department from the organizational structure.

When it comes to multiple-choice questions with questions for clarification the answers are grouped randomly in the report, preventing managers from connecting employees and their responses. A minimum of 3 answers is required inside the department for the answers to be shown. If you are conducting the survey in multiple languages, there need to be 3 answers in the same chosen language.

Answers to open-ended questions are also grouped randomly and can be filtered only on department levels. A minimum of 3 answers is required inside the department for the answers to be shown.

Improv3 is GDPR compliant. Employees of Improve Tech do not disclose employee data to app users. Additionally, the system setup prevents Improve Tech employees from connecting the link recipients with employees' personal data.

The purpose of the app is to help companies understand their employees and get actionable feedback in order to increase employee engagement and satisfaction, as well as productivity.

Improv3 team is here to help your company and people grow together because improvement starts from within!

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