Improv3 is a tool that helps you get real-time feedback from your employees so that you can increase employee engagement and satisfaction, and subsequently the overall productivity. 

The system setup prevents any user from checking who filled in the questionnaire at what time with several protection measures. Inside the report not a single piece of employee information is visible and all the answers are grouped together. Keep in mind that the responses can be filtered only on department levels.

When creating the organizational structure the system prevents you from entering less than 3 employees in a department. It is recommended to enter a minimum of 10 employees for a department. In case there is a smaller department it should be merged with the higher department level according to organizational structure. In case you add less than 10 employees, the system will show different colors: 9 to 6 will be marked in yellow and 5 to 3 will be marked in red.

Although the report is created in real-time, there is a delay that prevents the user to follow who precisely filled in the questionnaire at what time. 

With all the mentioned measures, we remind you that the purpose of Improv3 is to increase engagement and satisfaction, as well as productivity. Improv3 does not take responsibility for any type of misuse of results by users.

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