IMPROVE TECH d.o.o. (hereinafter Company), Ulica Republike Austrije 36, 10000 Zagreb, Republika Hrvatska, OIB: 58719514296 processes personal information of website visitors in accordance with applicable regulations governing the protection of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, Law on Implementation of General Data Protection Regulation NN 42/18 and other applicable laws of the EU and the Republic of Croatia).


Why we process personal data

Personal data will be processed exclusively when it is required by our services and when there is an appropriate legal basis under the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation. We process personal data of service users' employees primarily based on our service contracts and for marketing purposes based on user consent or legitimate interests of the Company.

The Company processes personal data in accordance with the terms of the contract with the service user and the contracts that the service user has with his employees, which may include the collection, use, disclosure and transfer of personal information and other information entered by the service users.

We value privacy and data protection. The Company attaches great importance to safe and secure processing of personal data of our users, visitors and users of the Company website and treats personal information as confidential information and business secret.


Data subject categories 

Our processing of personal data relates mostly to the data of individuals who fill out our questionnaires, namely employees and other associates of employers or organizations that are using our services.

We also process the data of employees of our users when using our services to conduct activities regulated by our service agreements as well as information collected through our website from users trying out our services and potential future users.


Categories of personal data

Personal information we collect as data controller or data processor directly from data subjects includes information such as first and last name, department in which they work and contact information.

We also collect information about employees from their employers so that they can access and use the contracted service or within the service to complete questionnaires intended for the client's employees. We also collect information through direct communication with customers, for example through contracted support for our services.

The information we collect and through the service itself or the functionalities of the platform on which the service is based, such as comments, feedback, information on the use of platforms, technical information about the information systems used, network identifiers, types and profiles of network devices and web browsers etc.

Through our Company web site, we also collect technical information about the visitors of our site required to analyse access and traffic, including network identifiers such as IP addresses, URL expressions, unique device identifiers, browser data etc.

Use of collected data

We collect information from users to:

  • Establish their status and access to our services

  • Fulfil our obligations under the contract with the users of our service

  • Contact customers about our services and products

  • Provide support for our services and communicate terms of service updates, address questions, requests or complaints that users may have about the use of our platform and services

  • We also use customer information to improve management of our platform, report the use of our service to our customers, identify problems and test our new services and for research and statistical purposes.

Marketing messages, polls and questionnaires

If you provide us with your prior consent and submit your e-mail address in the web form for receiving promotion and marketing messages through email, we will inform you about the benefits, discounts and news in our offer. 

You can opt out of receiving promotional messages at any time by selecting the opt-out offered option in the received promotional message. In case of failure, please contact our technical service at: [email protected]

Inquiries and complaints

 In order to answer your queries or any complaint you might have, we need information such as name and e-mail address in order to contact you. If you contact us with your queries, the information you provide will be processed by us so that we can answer and solve the problem.

The personal data necessary to resolve complaints about the service shall be kept from the date of receipt of the communication for the period in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations governing consumer rights.

Recipients of personal information

The Company may provide access to information collected from users through the service and websites for the purpose of providing our service to the service user. Data of the users who use our websites can be processed for the purpose of marketing activities. To this end, the Company uses tools such as Hubspot, in order to promote its products and services to visitors of the website of the Company and the Company's profile on social networks, and Intercom to provide adequate support to customers of its products and services. The Company also uses SendGrid’s mailing tool also to contact its users and visitors to the Company's Web sites and Company profiles on social networks.

The company uses Microsoft Azure technology to process and store data.

The Company collects data of visitors of our website to better understand user needs, improve products and services. We are using cookies, Google Ads and Google analytics to provide our users with better functionality and quality content.

The information thus collected includes the user's IP address, browser information, language, operating system and other standard information required for statistical analysis of website visitors. 

Data Retention

The Company will retain information collected from users for the purpose of providing our service for the duration of the contract. Upon expiration of the contract, users and respondents can download their data within ninety days, after which this data will be deleted.

Information collected by the company through websites, social networks and other communication tools for marketing purposes, if collected on the basis of the data subject consent, will be retained for two years from the moment when the respondent gave his consent or last updated it, except in case of withdrawal of consent.

The Company also processes data on potential users and data subjects collected through the provision of its service. The Company will not use the contact details of data subjects whose employers used the services of the company to contact and offer their services, but may contact the employees of the employer who participated in the provision of the service, provided that the communication allows the recipient to clearly and simply opt out of receiving further marketing messages.

Where applicable laws and regulations demand the Company retains data on the basis of their provisions, the data will be retained only for the duration provided by such laws and regulations.


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Personal data protection measures

We conduct data processing in accordance with the principles of processing personal data and the principles of information security. We only collect information that is necessary for processing purposes and do not store it for longer than necessary.

The Company will ensure an adequate level of security and safety of personal data processing to its customers, business partners, their employees and other data subjects. 

In order to ensure adequate confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data, we conduct appropriate technical and organizational security measures based on an assessment of the risk of data processing.


Data subject rights

Depending on the purpose and legal basis of the processing of personal data, the applicable regulations of Croatian and European law and other circumstances, you can always request:

  • access to your personal information,

  • rectification of your personal information,

  • deletion of your personal information,

  • restricting the processing of your personal information

If you believe that any of your rights have been violated, you may file a complaint about the processing of personal data with the national supervisory authority. 

In the Republic of Croatia, the supervisory body is the Agency for Personal Data Protection, Selska cesta 136, 10 000 Zagreb, [email protected]


Contact for protection of personal information

In accordance with the applicable legal regulations, any request for information regarding personal data processing or request for protection of personal data will be resolved as soon as possible and not later than 30 days after receipt.

When contacting and submitting these requests, we will make reasonable efforts to verify your identity and prevent the unauthorized and unauthorized processing of personal information.

Contact details of our Data Protection Officer:


Ulica Republike Austrije 36, 

10000 Zagreb,

Republic of Croatia

Contact Data Protection Officer: email: [email protected]


Notice of amendments to the Rules will be published in due time and made available on the Company's website

These Rules shall apply from 1 March 2020

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