The main goal of preparation and launching of employee engagement surveying is to ensure that every employee KNOWS that he or she has the opportunity to share his or her experiences in the company via IMPROV3 tool. So think about simple ways to encourage certain employees to participate.

HOW: Communicate directly and openly that employee engagement survey is an opportunity for employees to express their point of view honestly and confidentially, emphasizing that the IMPROV3 platform ensures the anonymity of all employees, and results are shown in groups.

WHY: Inform them about the goals of employee engagement surveys and why every employee voice matters to the company. You can't start changing bad practices your not familiar with or you aren't aware of on organizational unit levels and/or company level. Also, most improvement ideas in organizations come from employees.

You can remind employees of surveys but don't engage in discussions about answers or answer contents of specific employees. Even if employees themselves begin this sort of communication you should avoid talking about this theme at every cost because later on, it can negatively reflect on the confidentiality perception of the entire survey.

If there are employees how do not have computer and/or e-mail access or employees who communicate offline, don't forget them. Follow employee participation and remind them once again during the survey period to get actively involved via the link and make their contribution to company growth and improvement.

ADVICE: One of the success indicators for managers is a high response rate to an employee engagement survey in an organizational unit. Additionally, managers who have clearly and openly communicated the importance of employee engagement survey participation will have a higher response rate in the organization unit they lead.

We wish you a lot of success in gathering feedback. It's your turn!

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