The first part consists of dimensions and answers (closed-ended questions) that are predefined, but you can create and use your own. In case you want to enter your own questions, the questionnaire will no longer be included in the research and we can't guarantee its reliability. In the report, the results of these questions will look like this. Employee responses are scaled from 1 (I completely disagree) to 10 (I completely agree). In Settings scale range can be changed depending on users' needs. After you have finished editing the first part, click Next.

The second part consists of multiple choice questions and sub-question that enable employees to elaborate on the answer. In case you have chosen to add questions, on the right side you can choose which answers will (or will not) have sub-questions (arrow). After you have finished click Next.

The third part consists of open-ended questions. Here survey participants can write their answers. After you have finished click Next.

In Settings for dimensions, multiple-choice, and open-ended questions you can choose whether the questions will be distributed randomly to employees while filling-in the questionnaire, as well as which type of questions is required. By default, dimensions will always be random and required, as long as the user does not change that.

*At any moment you can take a look at Preview and see how the questionnaire looks from the perspective of an employee. 

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