After all the employees have filled in the questionnaire, or the fill in deadline for the questionnaire has expired, you will be able to see a full report.

Results for dimensions are shown through heathmap. It consists of a table that contains average values (means) for dimensions of the questionnaire and departments that make the organizational structure. The results are shown thorugh a heatmap:

  • red - from 1 to 5.99

  • yellow - from 6 to 7.99

  • green - from 8 to 10

Data shown in the table above are:

  • Response rate - how many employees filled in the questionnaire compared to the registered employees in the organizational structure

  • Index - mean score for all the answers in total, and

  • Real Feel - mean score through departments (for example: if you have two departments where one consists of 100 employees while the other consists of 10, engagement score can disguise results considering the larger number of employees. For that reason, Real feel was created.)

If you click on one of the scores, a pop-up window will appear showcasing mean scores for every question in that dimension against the total score for that same question. 

If there are less than 3 answers they will not be shown as an anonymity protection measure.

If you want to look at the report of just one department you can do so in 2 different ways:

  • Click on the department in Heatmap (arrow)

  • Choose the department you want to see in drop-down menu

Managers who have more subdepartments also see the results in a heatmap.

If you click Export button in the Report all results for dimensions, multiple-choice and open-ended questions will be exported in an Excel spreadsheet.

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