After we have gone through the first few steps of creating the questionnaire, from dimensions to multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions, we come to instructions. In instructions, you edit the welcome page of the questionnaire. It consists of the welcome message, title and instructions for employees on how to fill in the survey. You also define how long the questionnaire will be open for employees (arrow). If the deadline is for example January 7th, the survey can be filled-in until January 6th at 11:59 p.m. The employees will get an automated reminder a day before the deadline expires if it has been marked so in the Settings.

It is worth mentioning that the report will be generated only after the defined fill in deadline has expired, or after all the employees have filled in the questionnaire.

On the right side all the departments in your organizational structure will be displayed. The departments and employees you mark will get a notification and an e-mail to participate in the survey, when you chooes to send them. This way you choose who you want to survey.

In the end by clicking the button Save your questionnaire will be saved, but you can always come back and additionally edite the questionnaire as long as it's not sent. By clicking Preview you can see how the questionnaire looks from the perspective of your employees.

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