An action plan is an important step, especially after employee engagement measurement, because it provides an insight in perspective and opinion of employees, gives you an opportunity to analyze aspects of your organization’s business and management, helps you reduce the loss of unnecessary resources, and determine the way you can implement changes. It enables you to define and prioritize goals you want to achieve, when you want to achieve them and in what way.

In Improv3 application Action plan is a part of the Report. After choosing one of the departments an option to define an action plan for each dimension will be available.

By clicking one of the dimensions you can:

  • define the goal you want to achieve

  • plan specific activities in order to achieve that goal and

  • choose a deadline for each of the planned activities

When you achieve a planned activity, mark the box in front of that activity, which will turn it gray, and that way you can easily follow the progress. At any moment you can edit or delete activities.

Besides managers, action plan can be seen by HR (Human Resources department) and the department hierarchically above. This way everyone can participate in better implementation of the action plan. 

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