In the Improv3 application, you can create the organizational structure following a few simple steps.
On the toolbar, you click Organization and after that the Add button so you can start entering the organizational structure.

Enter the organizational structure from top-to-bottom departments. Enter the first department manager (first name, last name, and email) and then start adding the employees from their department (first name, last names, and email). You can also add multiple emails at once.

After you have entered the first department, you choose if you want to add a subdepartment (arrow) or a new department following the same process. This way you can enter the rest of your organizational structure.

Managers as app users will receive an e-mail, with the invitation to enter the application, the moment you enter and CONFIRM the organizational structure. Until you confirm the organizational structure the managers won’t receive any notifications, but you also can’t send the questionnaire.

For an easier and faster entry of organizational structure, Improv3 enabled bulk upload

In Settings, you can define employees number span in a department. The system prevents you from entering less than 3 employees per department, as a measure for anonymity protection. In such case, everything that is not allowed will be red, everything until the recommended number will be yellow, and everything above that will be green.

In case there are smaller departments in your organization, you should merge them with the first department higher in the hierarchy according to your organizational structure until you get a minimum of 10 employees.

When you decide to survey the employees in your organizational structure, you can choose each employee you want to send the link to.

You can edit the employee number and data, completely delete or disable an employee and check everything by clicking Organization on the toolbar at your convenience. Next to the Add button, you can follow the total number of employees in the organizational structure.

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