To ensure a high response rate while measuring employee engagement it is important to notify employees that a survey will be conducted The notification is a very important action preceding the application of the questionnaire, thanks to which you give transparent information to employees and additionally explain to them the importance of anonymity and surveying.
When you come to the list of questionnaires and hover over the desired questionnaire you will see 2 options:

  • sending the notification and

  • sending the questionnaire

By clicking send notification a modal window will open where you can edit the look and content of the notification. If you don't want to immediately send the notification, you can save it and send it at your convenience.

After the notification has been sent all that remains is to send the questionnaire. Only the employees you have marked in your organizational structure will get notified and receive the survey.
After you have sent the questionnaire, the report is automatically generated and allows you an overview of preliminary results.

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