Employees who say that their organizational values are "known and understandable" are 51 times more likely to be fully engaged than employees who respond that their organization does not have values that are familiar and understandable to them. (Harvard Business Review)


Communicate as clearly as possible about the mission, vision, and expectations. A vision describes an achievement or future state that an organization wants to achieve. In order for all employees to strive and work towards achieving that achievement, it is important that their role in all of this is clearly communicated to them.

Quick win ideas for an action plan:

Communicate the vision in a way that is important to people. You want the people on the team to believe in the vision and pass it on to others. So, tell the story, use as many communication channels as possible, talk about it in the office, in the parking lot, in the elevator. Show excitement and pride.

Strategic initiative ideas:

Create a strategic plan for communicating vision and mission throughout the organization. Every employee must know and understand the vision and mission and what his contribution is to the company in order to be better involved and more engaged.

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