Highly engaged employees are more than three times more likely to do something good for a company that is not expected of them (Gallup).


Research shows that today’s employees are motivated by work that gives them a sense of purpose. Creating a sense of purpose gives employees the knowledge to stand out in their roles. This helps create a sense of common purpose and redirects your employee’s thinking from the gears in the machine to a key part of the team!

Quick win ideas for an action plan:

Whether employees are learning about a new product, developing their competencies, or working on a new project - let them know clearly why their personal development benefits the company’s broader mission. How they personally contribute to concrete results.

Strategic initiative ideas:

Transfer the purpose to the broader context of society and the local community - for example. gathering employees around initiatives such as volunteering (e.g. collecting donations for families in need - food, clothing, footwear, assistance, animal shelters, etc.)

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