A study from the University of Birmingham found that employee autonomy leads to a much higher level of job satisfaction and positively affects their overall well-being.


Employees who are free to make their own decisions about how they perform their duties are happier, more dedicated, more productive, and more loyal than those whose every activity is prescribed. Autonomy is also an important factor that contributes to employees’ sense of self-confidence and plays a large role in workers’ decisions to stay in the organization or seek a new role elsewhere.

Quick win ideas for an action plan:

Try to avoid micromanagement. There is an old saying, “It is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission.” Try to embrace and encourage such a way of thinking in all your employees.

Strategic initiative ideas:

Set clear boundaries and a system that holds people accountable for results - they are key to the flourishing of autonomy. Within clear limits, people are empowered to determine how they will perform the tasks given to them.

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