In Settings, you can choose the language of your account, organization, and questionnaire.

The language of your account, meaning the language that the application will be translated to for you, can be either English or Croatian.

The default language of the organization is also either Croatian or English. That means that the users will receive the e-mail and notification in the default language. When it comes to the questionnaire you can choose any language and translate it to that language, while it has to be mentioned that the Improv3 questionnaire is available on 11 languages (Croatian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovenian and Macedonian). As long as you don't translate the questionnaire to the chosen language, you can not send it to employees. Also if you disable a certain dimension of the questionnaire in one language it is automatically unavailable in all the other languages.

Also, you can choose the questionnaire language while you are creating the questionnaire (arrow)

A modal window will open where you can add the language you desire. Only after you click Apply that language will be available for the questionnaire.

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